How do I get my tickets? How do I get my tickets?
When is the game played When is the game played
Hvor sidder jeg på stadion? Hvor sidder jeg på stadion?
Are there child discounts? Are there child discounts?
Do we have seats together? Do we have seats together?
Er der gebyrer i jeres priser? Er der gebyrer i jeres priser?

How do I get my tickets?

Your tickets, with a few exceptions) will be delivered to your hotel in Manchester or Liverpool (delivery is included in the price). If your tickets are delivered to your hotel. We will ask during the booking process for your hotel details. To make sure the tickets are delivered to the correct hotel. Vi do not double check if the hotel information you give us is correct. We solely deliver tickets based on the address you have given us. If the tickets has to be picked up at the stadium. Or a local agent, we will not ask for hotel details. And when you receive your voucher/e-ticket it will clearly state where the tickets should be picked up before kick off.
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When is the game played

The exact date and time for the match is confirmed between 4 to 9 days before the match. A weekend match is always played Saturday or Sunday, and a weekday match is always played Tuesday or Wednesday. Kick off time is also confirmed 4 to 9 days before the match, but is typically between 15:00 and 22:00. You can check fixture dates and kick off times on the relevant club web sites. Please plan accordingly as we do NOT, under any circumstances, refund or cancel ANY tickets for games in Madrid. We do not contact you with the confirmed date and time, but we will do our best to publicize the confirmed date and time on our site as soon as we receive it.
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Hvor sidder jeg på stadion?

In order to make the match experience as enjoyable and as safe as possible you will always be seated among the home supporters and/or in a neutral zone at the stadium. We ask you not to wear any away colors nor cheer with the away fans. If you do not obey these rules you might be denied access to the stadium or be rejected from the stadium. We cannot guarantee or give you any specified seats or row numbers.
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Are there child discounts?

Yes, but unfortunately we do not have access to them, so you can not purchase them on our site. Only members of the club can buy season passes for children/youth. Vi only sell "normal" tickets regardless age.
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Do we have seats together?

If you book more than 3 seats we cannot guarantee that you all seat next to each other. You might risk to be split up in small groups of 2+2, 2+3, 3+3, 2+2+3 etc. But when you book through us we guarantee that you will NEVER get any isolated SINGLE SEAT. We always try our best to get groups seated as close to each other as possible.
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Er der gebyrer i jeres priser?

Yes, the printed price on the tickets you collect in Manchester, are valid for members of either Manchester United and Manchester City,By members we mean season ticket holders, who have tickets for every single home match, so their ticket price is discounted and will be cheaper than yours. The reason is that in July/August we buy tickets through an official agent for every match in the season. This way we can offer tickets for the whole season, so you can plan in advance your football tour to Manchester. But for this we are buying and selling tickets that are between 25% to 50% more expensive than the season card holder price, which are the price printed on the tickets you get. And for some matches like against Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Local Derbys and Champions League etc. our price can be up to 2 or 3 times more expensive than the ticket price.
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