Terms and conditions

Once your booking is completed - confirmed and paid, it cannot be changed, cancelled or refunded. When your booking is completed we advice you to print a copy. We will also send you a voucher/e-ticket via e-mail.


Your tickets, with a few exceptions, will be delivered to your hotel in Manchester or Liverpool (delivery is included in the price). If your tickets are delivered to your hotel. We will ask during the booking process for your hotel details. To make sure the tickets are delivered to the correct hotel. Vi do not double check if the hotel information you give us is correct. We solely deliver tickets based on the address you have given us. If the tickets has to be picked up at the stadium. Or a local agent, we will not ask for hotel details. And when you receive your voucher/e-ticket it will clearly state where the tickets should be picked up before kick off.

Match date

The exact date and time for the match is confirmed between 5 to 9 days before the match. A weekend match is always played Saturday or Sunday, and a weekday match is always played Tuesday or Wednesday. Kick off time is also confirmed 4 to 9 days before the match, but is typically between 15:00 and 22:00. You can check fixture dates and kick off times on the relevant club web sites. Please plan accordingly as we do NOT, under any circumstances, refund or cancel ANY tickets for games in Madrid. We do not contact you with the confirmed date and time, but we will do our best to publicize the confirmed date and time on our site as soon as we receive it.


You will always be seated among home team supporters or in the neutral zone. This means that you MAY NOT, under any circumstances, wear scarves, hats, jerseys etc with the opponent color or logo. You MAY NOT cheer or show sympathy for the opponent's team. If you do not follow these rules you may be rejected going into the stadium or asked to leave before or during the match. Read more about seating under our FAQ. There is a chance that you will be seated 2+2, 2+3, 3+3, 2+2+3 etc. However, we can guarantee that you NEVER will be seated alone with single seats,. If your group is split up our agent will try their best to get you seated in the same section at the stadium, but again we cannot guarantee anything. It is not very often a group will be split up, but a few times during the season this can happen.


We advice you to carefully read our FAQ, if you have any questions or wish to find out more about our terms and conditions.


The price you pay at this site is incl. booking fee to the club, our local agent and us. The agent(s) we use on this site is official agent(s) for the club(s) you will find on the site, thus all the prices are confirmed and approved by the agent(s). Read more about our prices and fees under our FAQ

By completing your booking, you have accepted above terms and conditions.

Terms and conditions, ManchesterandLiverpool.com


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